5 Best Water Bottle Holders Of 2019

It’s a fact that one of the main reasons people have a hard time bringing their water bottle everywhere is it is just not convenient.

At the same time, if they own an expensive bottle or flask they don’t want it to get damaged or scratched. This is understandable, but there is an easy way to fix this: by purchasing a water bottle pouch. Water bottle pouches have been designed to give you the easiest possible way to take your bottle on the go while protecting it from the temperatures outside or any damage it may face.

There are simply thousands of brands of water bottle pouches on the market today, and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. Today, we are going to be reviewing five water bottle pouch brands so you can see which one could the best for you. The brands are as follows:

  • The Swig Savvy Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
  • The Condor H2O Pouch
  • The OneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch
  • The AUPET Water Bottle Carrier
  • The Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch

Why do I need a water bottle pouch?

This is usually the first question asked whenever someone brings up even the thought of purchasing a water bottle pouch, and it is by no means a bad question. Many people are curious whether a pouch is going to help protect their bottle or if it is just going to be a hassle trying to get to the water.

Water bottle pouches, the good ones we might add, are developed to make it easier to take your water bottle on the go. This will make it convenient to always have the bottle with you, especially if you are out camping, on a hike, or want it with you on a run. Water bottles can be very pricey if you are purchasing a higher-end model. You want to protect your bottle from breaking or from any outside damage it may face. This is another reason why you need a water bottle pouch, as it will do just that, and insulate the interior to maintain its proper temperature.


What to look for in a water bottle pouch

Since there are so many water bottle pouches on the market today, it can be difficult to know what separates the best from the worst. First off, you want to purchase a pouch that will never get in the way, and one which create a more effective means for carrying around the water bottle. Find one that has a shoulder strap that can easily go over your body, so you won’t even be able to feel it. Or you can find one that can easily clip to a bag so you can always have it with you. If they are too big or bulky and are hard to carry, the bag will just be a nuisance and you will not want to use it.

Storage space on water bottle pouches are another important aspect. You want a couple pockets other than the place that contains the water bottle, to hold things such as your wallet or your keys or your mobile. This is especially helpful for when you are at the gym, to give you peace of mind that all your valuables are in one place. Having the extra storage area is great on a hike as well, as it is a place to store a snack.

While the look of the pouch is also important, what is even more important is the material the pouch is made of; it must be made of strong and thick material so it can protect the bottle inside from any damage. On top of that, find one that is thick enough to keep the liquid cool from the heat of direct sunlight.

Top 5 Best Water Bottle Holder

Swig Savvy Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

The first water bottle pouch up for review is the Swig Savvy Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle.

Swig Savvy is known for making quality products at a reasonable price.

This specific type of water bottle can be purchased in a variety of colours such as Aqua Fresh, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Red, Steel, Black, and Blue.

They have been built using 18/8 food-grade stainless steel for maximum durability and protection from any outside material.

The steel is also free of any PBA or lead, making sure your beverages are always pure and free of chemicals.

The bottles also have a “sweat proof” design so there won’t be any condensation on the outside of the bottle, and you can store it anywhere without getting your electronics or food wet.

The bottle has been constructed with a double-walled feature, and is fully insulated, to ensure the liquid inside keeps cold for up to 24 hours.

The walls are also thick so the outside of the bottle stays cool without any risk of burning your hands.

What makes this bottle a great buy is that it also comes with a water bottle pouch for those of you who want to take it on the go.

The mouth is very wide, allowing you to put ice cubes in and allowing for an easier clean. T

his Swig Savvy product has a 30-day money back guarantee in case anything goes wrong.


  • checkMade of durable material, Strong design
  • checkSweat proof
  • checkKeeps things either hot or cold
  • checkWide mouth
  • checkComes with a pouch
  • checkAffordable


  • Loses insulation after a year of use (not great over time)

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Condor H2O Pouch (Bladder Not Included)

The second product up for review is the Condor H2O Pouch. Condor is the leading brand of on-the-go tools, especially for adventure seekers.

Condor also creates high-end products for those in the military, so you know that their products are made of the highest quality materials.

This specific H2O Pouch has a main compartment for storing bottles that measures 10” in height and 4” in diameter.

Also on this pouch is a front pocket that measures 6.5” by 4” by 1” (H x W x D) to store valuables of any kind.

The main compartment has been padded, so your flask or bottle will be protected from any outside damage it may go through.

The front pouch also has webbed grommets around it to place additional attachments on it.

Condor products are meant for the outdoors, and they have over 20 years of experience creating this tactical gear.


  • checkDurable material
  • checkGreat front pouch for extra storage
  • checkSturdy fabric
  • checkWell built
  • checkAffordable


  • Does not come with a carry strap
  • Front pouch bulges with small amount of stuff

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OneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch

The OneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch is another pouch available both in stores and online.

It is an affordable product that comes in one of four color choices: black, green, multicam, and tan; this allows for further customization of the pouch.

It can hold multiple brands of average-sized water bottles. The carrying section measures 3.7” in diameter and 9.4” in height.

The top is equipped with a drawstring, so you can quickly close your bottle or access it within seconds.

There are rear MOLLE straps, and webbing on the front for added storage. The bottom is made of mesh, which prevents any water from building up on the bottom of the pouch.

Made completely from 1000D nylon, this bottle pouch is very durable and is ideal to keep your water bottle safe and easy to carry in the outdoors.


  • checkGreat for the outdoors
  • checkStrong and durable material
  • checkMesh at the bottom avoids any water build up
  • checkNot just for bottles, can use it for other products to keep safe


  • Loops on the front have no real use, just take up space
  • Some of the seams aren’t the best

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AUPET Water Bottle Carrier 


The AUPET Water Bottle Carrier is another water bottle pouch that is not only affordable, but made of high-quality and durable material. As for customization, the AUPET Carrier comes in a variety of color graphic faces from which to choose (approximately 14) that include: Blue Butterfly, Purple Butterfly, Cute Pug, Cute Owl, and a Rose Flower. Since there are so many distinct graphics to choose from, it is easy to find one for people of all ages. This bottle pouch is made of neoprene which is very soft to the touch.

Neoprene is also very lightweight so it is easy to carry around. Both stainless steel and plastic bottles can fit in this pouch, along with popular energy and sports drinks. The purpose of the pouch is to protect your bottle from outside damage such as scratches or scraping. The pouch has been designed for both kids and adults, no matter their height, as it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying a variety of ways. From across your chest as a sling bag, or just in your hand, the Aupet Carrier is easy to take on the road.

As for washing, this water bottle pouch can be put in the washing machine without the color ever fading. This makes for an easy cleanup in case of dirt or any other outside causes. You can choose from both a 750ml or a 1000ml bottle, and both come with the AUPET satisfaction guarantee!


  • Great guarantee
  • Customizable looks
  • Affordable
  • Can be washed in a washing machine
  • Color does not fade


  • Does not fit heavy-duty bigger water bottles, primarily made for standard plastic ones
  • A bit smaller than advertised


Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch


The final product up for review is the Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch. Whenever you see a product with the word “tactical” in the title, you know that it is meant for those who want a sense of adventure. This has the original MOLLE design, making it a snug and tight fit if you are using it with the compatible gear that MOLLE also sells. It can also hold the DJI Mavic Pro Drone incredibly well, as opposed to just a water bottle. It comes with four straps to secure it tightly to a bag. This pouch measures 10” by 5” (H x D) and can fit up to a 40-oz. bottle.

The top of the pouch is a flip top, with a dual working zipper to easily access the entire bottle. There is also a drinking straw flap for quick access if you are very thirsty. The Orca Water Pouch has a lot of insulation to keep the liquids on the inside cooler without any temperature influence from the outside.


  • Great for outdoor usage
  • Can also carry the Mavic Pro Drone
  • Snug and concise fit
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to take mobile
  • Straw flap is ideal


  • The straps could be better
  • Mainly to be used with other MOLLE products



When searching to purchase a water bottle pouch, you should go to the store in person to see which one is going to be the most compatible with the bottle you already have. We have seen too many cases of people purchasing pouches that are not compatible with any of the bottles that they own. The best thing to do is check out all the ones listed above and see what ones will work the best for you.

All five of the products listed above are great water bottle pouches with a variety of features to keep your wattle bottles both safe and secure.

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