5 Best Water Bottles With Filter Of 2019

Do you feel incredibly tired throughout your day? Do you sometimes feel that you are not being as productive as you could be at work? Drinking water is the key to solving any of these issues, as a lack of water is going to make you feel dehydrated. It is important to keep drinking during the day.

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Many people consistently buy plastic water bottles every day, and this is horrendous for the environment. It is also wasting you a lot of money that you didn’t need to spend in the first place. This is why it is so important to buy a reusable water bottle to use at the gym, or while out on a camping trip. Today we are going to be looking at five of the best reusable water bottles that have also been created with a filter, to ensure your water is safe to drink.

What To Look For In A Water Bottles (With Filter)

So as we mentioned before, staying hydrated is incredibly important in your every day life. It is going to keep you much more alert during your work day, and also is going to ensure you won’t faint during a workout.

There can definitely be a lot of danger in drinking unfiltered water. There can be so many chemicals among water that are unseen to the naked eye, but they can be detrimental for your health. This is especially true if you are an adventure seeker and out on an expedition somewhere without a fresh water system.

This is why it is so important to buy a water bottle with a filtration system, as it will always ensure your safety. The first thing to look at is the design and look of the water bottle. Is it easy to hold? Is there an easy grasp? Are there colors for you to choose from? All of these questions are going to enhance the experience of your water bottle.

Size is also very important, as you want a water bottle that can at least hold over a litre of water, as anything less is going to cause you to have to keep refilling it. This can definitely be a nuisance during your workout or while you are at the gym. It is crucial that you find one large enough to hold a lot of water.

As for the filtration system itself, it is going to be very beneficial to you to find one with a more advanced system that has been scientifically proven to work. Many of the best water bottles with filters are guaranteed to eliminate 99.9999% of all chemicals and other metals in water to ensure it is safe to drink. You also want a filtration system that works fast and without any batteries involved, as you will want to drink right away! With all that being said, let’s get to the reviews!

Top 5 Best Water Bottles With Filter

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1,000 Liter LifeStraw Filter

The first product up for review is the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1,000 Liter LifeStraw Filter. Lifestraw is the first brand on our list today, and they are known for making high quality water bottles that are going to enhance your health. As we mentioned before, filtering your water is so important, as some tap water can be contaminated with various chemicals you do not want in your body. So how does this filter hold up? Well, first off this is one of the pricier options on the list, however, it may be worth it once you see how many features it has.

For starters, you can either purchase this filtered water bottle with a 1-stage filter or a 2-stage filter. The 1-stage is a bit cheaper, but today we are going to be looking at the 2-stage as it offers one of the best filtration systems. You can purchase this water bottle in a variety of colors, that range from blue to green to pink to purple, with over four to choose from.

This is a reusable water bottle that will consistently filter your water as you continue to drink. It is fantastic to use while going mobile, and in places of wilderness where you will need extra water.

This comes equipped with the LifeStraw water filter, made out of a hollow fiber membrane, that can remove all bacteria and protozoa out of water without using any chemicals. This is also a process without the use of batteries. However, it goes even further with the second stage. This next stage is equipped with a carbon filter that is going to reduce any unwanted smells, chlorine in the water, and is going to ensure there is no aftertaste. This double filtration system works double duty to provide you with the freshest water, no matter what tap or creek you may be getting it from.

This filter has been proving to remove up to 99.99999% of bacteria grown in water and also any parasites within your water. It measures 23 ounces and is leak proof. During construction, it has been made free of any BPA, so you can feel confident while drinking out it. The filter is easy to replace and separate filters are sold separately.


  • checkFantastic bottle
  • checkDouble filtration system
  • checkPatented award winning LifeStraw filter
  • checkFantastic leak proof bottle
  • checkRemoves a lot of bacteria


  • A bit more expensive than others

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Brita Filtered Water Sports Bottle

The second product up for review is the Brita Filtered Water Sports Bottle. You can purchase this water bottle from.

This list obviously would not be complete without a Brita product. Brita has grown to be one of the primary manufacturers of devices that filter water. They really rid any water of unwanted bacteria to keep you safe when drinking. So how does this water bottle hold up?

Well first off, what drew us to this bottle in the first place is its fantastic price. This is one of the more affordable options of bottle on the list today, so if you do not want to spend a great deal of money, we highly recommend you look into this one! It measures 20 ounces and the material it is made out of is very soft. This makes it highly comfortable to the touch and easy to hold. It comes with a Dark Turquoise look that is very sleek and that is going to compliment any workout attire you may be wearing while using this bottle.

The one water filter inside this Brita bottle is able to replace 300 standard 16.9 ounce plastic water bottles. Think about how many that is, and how much plastic you will be saving. This is definitely a huge step forward in protecting the environment.

What really makes this product unique is that you can clean it easily. This is crucial with any water bottle, as where there is wetness and dampness, mould is likely to start growing without regular cleaning. This bottle is safe to be put in the dishwasher, so you do not even have to hand wash it. To take mobile, it is also equipped with a built in carrying loop, to attach to any bag or purse, and also any easy-sip spout for the easiest drinking possible.


  • checkAffordable price
  • checkEasy to clean
  • checkDishwasher safe
  • checkProtects over 300 water bottles
  • checkGreat look


  • Made out of plastic that feels a bit cheap, very thin

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GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ FILTER] Bottle

Preview Image

The next product up for review is the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ FILTER] Bottle. So now we are going to look at one of the most high-end water bottles on this list. It is far greater in price than any other and GRAYL is known for their high-quality products. Whenever looking at a product with a steep price tag, we want to make sure it is justified and will save you money in the long run. So how does it hold up? Are there a lot of features?

First off, the GRAYL water bottle comes in one of four colors: either black, blue, green, or orange, and definitely has a strong and durable look you will love. This is what drew us to this brand in the first place. This has been made for the traveller and adventurer in mind. It is a fantastic bottle to use on any outdoor excursion, to have during an emergency, and great for backpacking and camping in the woods.

What really makes this GRAYL Water Bottle unique is that it is so easy to use, you just have to fill it, press a button and then drinking from it. There is no sucking or squeezing of the bottle required and you can drink right away. This bottle does not use any ultraviolet filtrating or batteries to filtrate the water.

This bottle is the winner of multiple awards, that through their “One Press” system to can create and develop very clean and purified drinking water in just 15 seconds. Take water from a creek, or from an old tap, and this water bottle is going to do the trick!

It is able to remove 99.9999% of viruses in water (including SARS or Hepatitis A), but that is not all. It can also remove 99.9999% of both bacteria and protozoan cysts, that include Cholera, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

On top of all of those, it can also filter multiple chemicals and metals from within water to deliver a fresh taste, with zero aftertaste involved. It has the power to eliminate bad smelling water and actually improves the fresh flavour of your water.

This is definitely one the more “high end” sort of water bottles with a filtration system that you can buy. It is definitely one worth looking into as it is durable and very robust to last a long time.


  • checkHighest quality of design
  • checkAward winning filtration system
  • checkFiltrates in just 15 seconds
  • checkNo batteries


  • Expensive

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refresh2go 26oz Curve Filtered Water Bottle

The next product up for review is the refresh2go 26oz Curve Filtered Water Bottle. So why is this bottle included on our list? Well when compared to Product 3 above, the price is night and day. This is the cheapest water bottle system on our list today. However, cheaper is not always better, and we want to make sure they did not sacrifice quality just to deliver you a cheaper product.

So first off, this water bottle comes in a variety of colors to choose from. You can choose from fully black, blue, gray, pink, purple, or an aqua color. This is a bottle that is equipped with two straws, great for sharing with a love one, and it has one filter included in the bottle.

What drew us to this bottle, other than the price, is that it has a creative ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and drink with one hand. This is especially fantastic for anyone who will be using this bottle out on runs or while at the gym. It also comes with a carrying loop and a tight grip, so you can easily attach it to a bag or a purse.

One of the worst things that can happen in a gym bag, is that your water bottle leaks. This refresh2go bottle features a leak proof lid that has a mouthpiece that folds right into the cap. This ensures it will never leak or spill over your personal items. This is going to add to the cleanliness of the bottle as well, especially where the mouthpiece is, keeping it hidden until you have to drink.

The filter on the inside is able to reduce a lot of chlorine found in water, and also decrease any strong odours. It is able to treat 40 gallons of water before you should replace the filtration system.

As we mentioned before, cleaning a water bottle is so important to avoid mould or any unwanted growth around you water. To avoid this, you can hand wash a water bottle, but what is even better with this one is that it is dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning a breeze and you can simply pop it in once a week. During construction, it has been made free of any BPA chemicals, ensuring your continued safety while drinking.


  • checkGreat colors to choose from
  • checkLeak proof
  • checkGreat mouthpiece folds into cap
  • checkCompact
  • checkDurable design
  • checkFree of BPA
  • checkAmazing price! Affordable!


  • Filtration does not last as long as others
  • Not as strong as filter as others

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Swig Savvy Sports Water Bottle

The final water bottle that we will be taking a look at is the Swig Savvy Sports Water Bottle. So why is this one included on our list? Well the main reason is that there are so many features that are going to enhance your drinking experience and ensure your safety. First off, this water bottle comes in one of three colors: you can choose blue, gray, or pink, depending on your preference. It also comes in three sizes to choose from: either 16 ounces, 25 ounces, or 32 ounces (we recommend going for the biggest one to avoid constant refills while at the gym or on a run).

This is a high quality performance water bottle that has been made free of any BPA chemicals. To avoid any spills that you definitely do not want, there is a spill proof lid in place.

This is equipped with a sleeve that is made out of silicone that is easy to hold. This supports your workout as you can have a firm grasp on the bottle. As well, this sleeve also adds insulation and protection to the water, keeping your drink nice and cold on a hot day. There is also a sports strap that comes with this package, allowing you to attach it to a bike or a backpack while out on the road.

This is made out of polymer material, free of BPA, that is very lightweight to carry. It makes the water taste crisp and fresh every time you drink out of it.

This comes with a filter that is also a fruit infuser, which makes it unique when compared to the others on the list. This allows you to put fresh cut fruits right into the infuser to create flavoured water that is delicious and also healthy for you! It is easy to use and is going to add that boost of flavour that will make you want to drink more and more out of it!


  • checkComes with fruit infuser
  • checkSilicone grip for a firm grasp
  • checkSports strap is great
  • checkMade out of high quality material
  • checkLeak proof


  • Difficulty cleaning infuser
  • Not the best filtration of water

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All five of the products above are definitely some of the best water bottles with filters on the market today. They all look great but most importantly, they are going to enhance your safety while drinking!

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