Best Water Bottles for Gym Of 2019

Over the past decade, there has been a steady rise in people wanting to have physical exercise, whether that be going on runs around your neighborhood or going to the gym.

Most people work at an office job, working from the early hours of the morning to late afternoon, and many are at a desk all day long. Exercising is a way to wake the body up, especially before or after an exhausting workday.

There are plenty of online workout routines and affordable gym memberships all over the country; all it takes is the initiative to plan, and decide to take the first step to go. If you commit to it, you will see changes you never thought possible.

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While going to the gym is very important, what is even just as important is staying hydrated throughout the day.

Those who don’t drink enough water at the gym are at risk for dehydration that can lead to fainting spells, dizziness, overheating, and exhaustion.

This can be very dangerous, especially if you are in the middle of a rep, or the middle of a set.

To give your muscles what they need and to keep your body cool while working out, it is integral to drink water.

One of the best ways to be reminded of this is to have a water bottle with you while working out. If it is there, you are going to use it, and believe us when we say that you will!

What to look for in a water bottle?

The very first thing that is going to strike you about a water bottle is the look. The look is very important, even if you are going to the gym, as it needs to work with your exterior.

Make sure you get a look that you can be comfortable using every day.

While you are at the gym, you are going to be sweating a lot, and therefore are going to need a lot of fluids.

You want to make sure to purchase a bottle that can hold a lot of water without having to refill it every time you use a machine.

This is so important, as time is very valuable at the gym and it is going to be incredibly frustrating if you have to keep refilling it.

Next, it is crucial to buy a bottle that is free of any chemicals that can leach from manufacturing process.

Look for BPA-free products, as this bottle is going to be in direct contact with your mouth.

It is crucial that they are made well, so you will not get sick, and your water will not get contaminated.

When you are at the gym you want a bottle that is easy to hold and easy to drink from.

This seems obvious, but you will be surprised how many bottles are difficult to grasp, especially if you are running on a treadmill or you are on a bike.

Look for water bottles with an easy grip that can be grabbed even during a fast moment.

On top of that, you want one with a spout that is easy to open and drink from. Time is money, and you don’t want your workout being extended because you are having trouble opening the water bottle.

Some of the best kinds of water bottles have a lid that can flip open with the push of a button, using one hand; these are ideal for gym scenarios.

Lastly, it is crucial that you find a bottle that fits within your gym bag (or bag) and also has a secure lid.

Most people leave their valuables such as a cellphone or credit card within their bag.

If you purchase a cheap brand of bottle that is not secured, it has potential to leak and ruin things throughout your bag. On top of that, find one that doesn’t smell.There are thousands of brands of water bottles on the market today, so it is hard to know which is going to the best one specifically for using at the gym.

Today we are going to help you find five of the best water bottles for the gym by reviewing these brands:

Top 5 Best Water Bottles For Gym​​​​​

Embrava’s Best Sports Water Bottle – 32oz Large ​​​​

The first water bottle up for review is the Embrava’s Best Sports Water Bottle – 32oz Large. This is an affordably priced bottle that is great for use at the gym.

It is made of Tritan co-polyester that is free of BPA, made from some of the best craftsmen in the country.

Embrava also has fantastic customer service that guarantees to help you if anything goes wrong with your water bottle.

This bottle has been specifically designed for people who are active.

The lid is both dust proof and leak proof, and has a strong carry strap.

The material is very durable and is resistant to any shatter if it falls, making it a great alternative to glass water bottles, which can be a nuisance at the gym due to breakability.

On top of the bottle itself, the Embrava bottle comes with a personal hydration guide for athletes, with 10 pages about how to keep hydrated during your workout.

Every Embrava product comes with their satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t enjoy your product you can send it back and get a full refund.

The lid is a flip top with the press of a button. Simply click it, flip it, and the straw will be right there to enjoy a cold drink.


  • checkShatter resistant
  • checkGreat look
  • checkAffordable price
  • checkHolds a lot of water
  • checkBoth leak and dustproof with optimal design
  • checkEasy flip lid for easy access to straw


  • Takes some getting used to with this unique straw

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Embrava – 18 Ounce 

The second water bottle for the gym is the Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Embrava – 18 Ounce.

Again, this is another bottle manufactured from Embrava, because they are a very reliable brand, with high-class bottles at effective prices.

This specific bottle has been tailored especially for those who need one to use at the gym.

This bottle, made entirely out of stainless steel, has the ability to keep your water (or other drinks) cold for up to 12 hours with elite temperature-control technology.

The bottle is double walled to hold in the cold, and is also entirely leak proof. It also comes with a comfortable nylon strap to carry and take it mobile.

The top is easy to take off and add ice, fruit, or anything to add flavor or cold to your water.

The hole to drink out of is easy to take water from, making that first sip very easy to get to.

The bottle is free of BPA and completely dustproof. As with the first product we looked at, this Embrava product is also covered under their satisfaction guarantee.


  • checkCan keep liquids cold
  • checkEasy to drink from
  • checkComes apart easily
  • checkWide mouth for simple cleaning
  • checkMade from strong material so it’s durable


  • Rubber band on the flip top is not made of high-quality material

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Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle 2016 – 24 Oz 

The third product is the Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle 2016 – 24 Oz.

No water bottle list would be complete without a product developed from Nike. Nike is the leading provider when it comes to anything endurance or sports related.

With their high-quality athletic wear, including some of the most famous gym shoes in the world, you can count on Nike to deliver a great water bottle.

The puff valve sprout, located at the top, and where you drink from, is fully leak proof and also has a quick flow design, so you won’t be wasting time waiting for water to come out.

The bottle is ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip, making it easier to hold. The body is translucent, allowing you to see how much you have drank and how much is left to drink in the bottle.

The bottle is made of pliable material that is BPA free, making it a great one to squeeze during an intense run on the treadmill. It can hold up to 24 ounces of liquid.


  • checkSolid construction
  • checkFlexible material making it easy to squeeze
  • checkNo leaking problems
  • checkName you can trust
  • checkEasy to clean
  • checkTranslucent so you can track your hydration level


  • When squeezed it sprays out water, making a mess
  • The plastic can smell

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Miracol Sports Water Bottle, 32oz

The Miracol Sports Water Bottle, 32oz Large is another water bottle that is best for the gym.

The bottle is made completely out of durable Tritan co-polyester, ensuring a long lifespan and strength when dropped.

This material is also BPA free, non-toxic, and made of eco-friendly materials, making it safe to drink out of and smelling great.

There is a strap that comes with the Miracol bottle, for ease at the gym and to carry from machine to machine. The bottle is able to open using one hand, as the spring-loaded flip top only needs one finger to hit it open.

This will help you save time and energy throughout your workout. This is a large storage bottle, so it encourages you to consume even more water during your workout, keeping you extra hydrated when you need it most.

The liquid is tightly secured, ensuring no damage to anything else in your gym bag.


  • checkFantastic strap for easy carry
  • checkLarge size to hold a lot of fluids
  • checkOnly need one hand to open it up
  • checkDoes not smell
  • checkNever leaks


  • Wrist band is not adjustable
  • Difficult to carry while out on a run or walk

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321 Strong 500 mL Aluminum Sports Water Bottle

The final product we will be reviewing today is the 321 Strong 500 mL Aluminum Sports Water Bottle.

This is one of the cheapest products on the list today, so if you are on a budget, this is the one you are going to want to pay attention to.

This bottle is free from BPA, BPB and phthalate during the manufacturing process, which is great so you can drink knowing you’re safe.

It comes in a silver look, a blue look, or a black look, depending on your preference.

It comes with a carabineer clip and a split key ring so you can attach it to any object such as a gym bag or a jacket.

The black lid top screws in place and is leak proof. This comes with a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee if it doesn’t live up to your standards.


  • checkGreat looks to choose from
  • checkFree from any chemicals
  • checkHas a great clip
  • checkGreat size
  • checkVery affordable option


  • The cap is known to sometimes wear, and not catch as well 

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One of the most important things about buying one of these water bottles as it is fantastic for the environment and saves you money over time. You would be shocked at the amount of plastic water bottles that are purchased and discarded each year that are detrimental for the environment. By purchasing an ecofriendly bottle, you will save money yourself, but will also decrease your carbon footprint on society as a whole.

All five of the products listed above are affordably priced and offer you a wide range of features in order for you to take them to the gym. As each varies in size and look. It is now up to you to gravitate towards the one that works the best for you!

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