CamelBak Podium Big Chill Review

Are you a sports person? Then, it is must to have liquid always with you, so that you can able to perform well in your practice. Fill a bottle with liquid, juice or beverages to boost up your body. Are you going to buy a bottle? Don’t simply buy a normal bottle; choose the BPA free water bottle to get added benefits. This section guides you to buy an excellent water bottle for your sports.

Features of CamelBak Podium Big Water Bottle:

The CamelBak Podium Big Water Bottle is one of the high performance insulated water bottle. There are plenty of insulated water bottles introduced by CamelBak, but the Podium Big Chill 25 oz insulated water bottle is specially designed with 2-layered construction for sports people. The features of this CamleBak Podium Big water bottle are described below in a detailed manner.

Double-wall construction:

The Podium big insulated water bottle is designed with the double-wall construction which uses closed cell foam technology. Both this construction and technology keeps water cold twice as long as a normal water bottle.

Self-sealing jet valve:

A self-sealing jet valve in Podium water bottle is an innovative design and it avoids splattering and falling of water. So, this is a patented spill-proof which allows users to immediately hydrate without opening or closing drinking interface.


The Podium water bottle available with lightweight even it has double-wall construction. Thus, it is easy to carry along you always.


This bottle uses streamlined ergonomic design that provides an excellent squeezability. This easy-squeeze bottle offers the right flow of water to clear your thirst. Meanwhile, it doesn’t compromise with its grip.

Removable nossle:

The mouth of the bottle is closed with removable nossle which features easy and thorough cleaning.


The CamelBak Podium big insulated water bottle offers a lifetime guarantee for you.


A capacity of Podium Big insulated water bottle is 25 ounce, so it stores a large quantity of water.

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Product specification:

  • Capacity: 25 ounce
  • Material type: Plastic
  • Size: 25 oz
  • Durable: Lifetime guarantee
  • Safety: BPA free


  • checkIt keeps water cools as long as other normal bottles
  • checkIt offers lifetime guarantee
  • checkIt is easy to carry due to its lightweight
  • checkIt has removable nossle for easy cleaning
  • checkIt doesn’t make any plastic odor
  • checkIt’s a 100% free from BPA


  • Sometimes can leak water
  • When cleaning this bottle it has some unreachable spots.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Q: How long the Podium water bottle keeps cold?

A: It keeps water cold for approximately 2-3 hours but, the water remains cold longer than other water bottles.

  1. Q: Is it made free from BPA?

A: Yes, it is made 100% free from BPA

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