Early Stages Of Mission Distance Dating
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Oct 12, This bake-out exposes the Sample Return Capsule SRC to the sun and rids it of any accumulated condensation in normally shaded areas.

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The spacecraft is circling Bennu clockwise as viewed from the sunand will remain in this orbit for the upcoming weeks. Feb 16, This first maneuver acted as a braking burn and put the spacecraft on a trajectory to rendezvous with the asteroid one last time on Apr. The spacecraft will perform a second approach maneuver on Mar. After the second maneuver on Mar. Nov 09, The last maneuver that the spacecraft performed was the back-away burn after executing the Touch-And-Go TAG sample collection event.

Jun 01, This low-altitude pass was the closest the spacecraft has flown over the backup sample site.

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The spacecraft performed its first SMM maneuver on Oct. This spin maneuver was performed with an empty collector head. Jun 04, The spacecraft is on track to deliver an asteroid sample to Earth on September 24, Mission engineers had planned to do a small thruster firing last week to ensure the spacecraft stays on the correct path back to Earth. As of Mar. It is notable that this flyby trajectory was deed such that the failure of any maneuver would leave the spacecraft on a safe path clear of Bennu.

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But, the May 10 departure maneuver was calculated and executed so precisely, the mission team decided not to do a clean-up maneuver last week. Recorded audio from the briefing can be downloaded here. The hazard map delineates small areas of the sample collection site that could potentially harm the spacecraft due to large, nearby rocks.

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Oct 19, Today, the mission team will uplink the final commands for the TAG event. The science observations from this pass are the closest taken of Osprey to date. The next possible maneuver adjustment could occur in Mar 29, On Mar. This fifth maneuver is scheduled for Apr. Mar 15, The next maneuver is scheduled for Mar. The science team will use these observations to assess the amount and nature of surface disruption from the sample collection event.

Since launch in Sep. It also completed approximately orbits around Bennu. The mission team continues to prepare for the upcoming Matchpoint Rehearsal, which is scheduled for Aug. Jun 08, The accuracy of the May 26 orbit recapture maneuver R4R — performed after the Recon C flyover of site Osprey — allowed the team to waive the two trim burns that were originally scheduled for this week.

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To execute each SMM, the spacecraft extends its sampling arm and engages its reaction wheels to reach and maintain a steady spin. about the discovery here. The final maneuver executed on Aug. Aug 24, The team uplinked commands on Aug. The maintenance activities were successfully completed on Aug. Out of an abundance of caution, this activity was completed while the spacecraft was out of orbit and a safe distance from Bennu.

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After descending on this new trajectory for another three minutes, the spacecraft reached an altitude of approximately 40 meters — the closest the spacecraft has ever been to Bennu — and then performed a back-away burn to complete the rehearsal. The team then calculates the difference in the moment of inertia between the two spins to determine the mass of the sample.

The spacecraft will receive the official command for GO on Tuesday morning.


Orbit reinsertion is planned for Aug. Aug 17, On Aug. From there, the spacecraft continued to descend for another eight minutes to execute the Matchpoint burn approximately 54 meters above the asteroid. As part of rehearsal activities, the spacecraft also deployed the TAGSAM arm from its folded, parked position out to the sample collection configuration. As the name suggests, the ly executed Checkpoint Rehearsal completed the first two of these maneuvers prior to backing away.

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Nov 02, On Oct. Now that the head is sealed inside the SRC, pieces of the sample will no longer be lost. On May 26, the spacecraft left its 0.

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Sep 28, This week, the mission released a new science result, announcing that pieces of asteroid Vesta appear to be on the surface of asteroid Bennu. Sep 08, On September 8, the spacecraft departed from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and began its seven-year roundtrip journey. Aug 10, Aug 03, On Jul. This bake-out is deed to expose the Sample Return Capsule to the sun to rid it of any accumulated condensate or frozen volatiles in areas of the SRC that are shaded during normal operations but exposed during the SMM.

The SMM bake-out is the first activity leading into the second and final sample rehearsal on Aug. Jul 27, Since reentering orbit on Jul. The mission team continues to prepare for the upcoming Matchpoint Rehearsal, scheduled for Aug. Jul 13, The spacecraft executed an orbit insertion maneuver on Jul.

The spacecraft will execute all three maneuvers planned for the Touch-And-Go TAG sequence — orbit departure, checkpoint, and matchpoint — before performing a back-away maneuver at an altitude of approximately 40 meters. about the mechanics of TAG here.

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Jul 06, This maneuver, which executed on Jun. Jun 29, The team uplinked commands on Jun. The maintenance activities were successfully completed on Jun. Orbit reinsertion is planned for Jul. Jun 22, On Jun. Currently, the spacecraft is 9. Jun 15, The spacecraft remains in a 1-km safe-home orbit, and has completed approximately 13 orbits after performing the low-altitude flyover of backup site Osprey on May Since arriving at the asteroid in Decemberthe spacecraft has completed a total of orbits around Bennu.

Aug 31, Over the past two weeks, the spacecraft has performed four separate maneuvers to navigate back towards Bennu.

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