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  • How old am I:
  • I am 34
  • Tint of my iris:
  • Large gray-blue
  • Hair:
  • Crisp hair
  • What I like to drink:
  • Mulled wine
  • I like piercing:
  • None


Human studies have shown that presymptomatic GRN carriers feature reduced connectivity in the salience network, a system targeted in bvFTD. Mice with homozygous deletion of GRNin contrast, show thalamo-cortical hypersynchrony due to aberrant pruning of inhibitory synapses onto thalamo-cortical projection neurons. No studies have systematically explored the intrinsic connectivity networks ICNs targeted by the four GRN -associated clinical syndromes, or have forged clear links between human and mouse model findings. Using task-free fMRI, we assessed connectivity in the salience network, a non-fluent variant primary progressive aphasia network nfvPPAthe perirolandic network CBSand the default mode network AD-type dementia. GRN carriers and controls showed similar performance on cognitive testing. Although carriers showed little evidence of brain atrophy, markedly enhanced connectivity emerged in all four networks, and thalamo-cortical hyperconnectivity stood out as a unifying feature.


Buy your copy today and see how the journey ends! Now freed from that darkness, Patrick Lennox returns to reclaim the heart of the young lady he left behind. Asshe despised reading but through the love and persistence of her mother was taught the error of her ways and has had a deep, abiding relationship with it ever since.

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Each book in both series is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order. Yet when an infuriatingly cheerful lady literally stumbles into his path, Finch finds himself longing for that which he cannot have. Surely, a marriage based on mutual affection and friendship is enough. Knowing his sister is better equipped to help the child, Ambrose climbs aboard a carriage bound for the country.

Eloise Andrews has enough troubles in her life without Patrick stirring things up. Now widowed, Silas has no choice but to return to the home that was hardly his home and reclaim his children who are determined to hate him as much as their mother did. Felicity Barrows is no fool, though the fortune hunters pestering her must believe differently. Can they tear down the walls protecting their hearts and find true happiness together? Sold by: Amazon. What other reason could they have for hounding her every step, showering her with honeyed words and false compliments, expecting her to fall straight into their calculating arms?

Love is no longer an option for a man whose heart is irrevocably broken. Friendship may blossom. Work and his daughter are all he needs, even if others flirt Hayward finch he ought to remarry. Or can it? Together they may just find love. It was supposed to be a quick and simple trip to the country, but fate had other plans for them.

Can a marriage of love endure prejudice and disdain or is a marriage of convenience the better option?

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Unable to distinguish himself in the gentlemanly profession his father chose for him, Finch scrapes by on the charity of his family and friends. Robert Brhaw has a good, quiet life. With the final battle looming before her, Emma must decide if she can be the Warden the Group needs.

Though part of the Regency Love series, each book is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in landscape management from Brigham Young University and a master's in landscape architecture from Utah State University, neither of which has anything to do with why she became a writer but is a fun little tidbit nonetheless. If only he would be quiet!

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Seven years ago, Lady Lydia Whiting married for the good of her parents, and widowhood was supposed to mark the beginning of her freedom. Stop asking. She simply must make him see how ill-suited they are. Feelings may stir.

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A rogue with a silver tongue, a spinster with an iron heart, and the doorstep baby that brings them together. Better to remain a spinster than marry unhappily—if she could only get some peace from their incessant overtures.

Can they overcome their broken dreams and find happiness in a life forced upon them? A gentleman like him cannot possibly be interested in a plain spinster like herself…Could he?

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Mary Hayward despises flirts. Some time away in the country is just what she needs to clear her head. Lily Kingsley accepts that she is destined to be a spinster—but not until she gets her first kiss. Jack Hatcher hates surprises, but when a beguiling lady mistakes him for someone else and launches herself into his arms, he discovers not all surprises are bad. But when her husband spurns her from beyond the grave and cuts her from his will, her parents are determined to force her into another wretched marriage of convenience.

Tormented by the past, can they build a better future? Unfortunately, she kisses the wrong one and ends up in the arms of an overbearing and exceptionally frustrating merchant. A daughter fighting to break free. Romance ought to be that simple. And she knows the perfect gentleman to enlist. But when she discovers Lucas faked the wedding to win a bet, Ruby is left with more than a broken heart.

But when her respite is interrupted by a troublesome bachelor, Felicity has no choice but to hide who flirt Hayward finch is. But as he discovers the lengths to which her family will go to get her back under their thumb, Robert knows he may be her only salvation. And no, she doesn't have any idea what type of plant you should put in that shady spot out by your deck. After years of searching, he finally found love.

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When a lady is unfortunate to be plain and without possession of a dowry, there is little other choice for her. The Victorian Love series is a spin-off series that follows the children of the heroes and heroines of the Regency Love Series. Or will the shadows of the past keep them from finding happiness together? A governess must remain aloof and guarded around her employers, for though she works with the family, she is not one of them.

hood love longing to make amends. But with no dowry, Victoria cannot marry a pauper. They know what the Dark Knights want, but stopping it from happening is a whole other matter. conceived in a lie. Six years ago, tragedy tore Eloise and Patrick apart.

An heiress looking to escape. Judith Delmonte knows her place. Or perhaps something more?

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At her age, Ruby Jeffries knows better than to dream of love, but then, Lucas Ashbrook sweeps into her life with whispered declarations of love and fervent kisses. Theirs was a union of duty and not of love, but thirteen years of marriage had proven a misery for the both of them—luckily the navy rarely allowed him time ashore.

A mother struggling to protect her. But is it only two lonely souls seeking companionship?


Conrad Ashbrook spends his life mending that which his elder brother breaks, and when Lucas abandons the young lady bearing his child, Conrad has no choice but to shoulder that responsibility as well. She's not that kind of landscape architect. A solitary life, but one for which Judith is grateful. Spinsterhood is not such a terrible thing if one can provide for oneself.

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Her mother is a heartless beast who controls every aspect of her life, and Eloise is determined to break free of her—even if it means destroying the perfect reputation her mother is desperate to save. A gentleman searching for purpose. Why should he?

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Two years ago, Annie faced an agonizing choice—save those she loves or unleash an evil into the world. Neither fish nor fowl, as they say. Simon Kingsley is in desperate need of a wife. Ambrose Ashbrook spends his life hiding. Though part of the Regency Love series, each book is a standalone sweet romance and can be read in any order.

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Born and raised in Anchorage, M. Nichols is a lifelong Alaskan with a love of the outdoors. A heartbroken man, a frustrated spinster, and a marriage of convenience that proves quite inconvenient. Racing against time, they scour the globe to find the missing Lock and Key — the two final talismans that hold the power to keep Balgar and his armies locked inside the Drogue. But when he finds an abandoned infant, all pretense is upended with one look at her dimpled smile.

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His beloved wife was an angel among men, and no other woman could ever compare—especially a young widow who is more mouse than woman. But when his sister hires an intriguing nurse to watch over him, Graham finds himself wondering if life on land might not be so bad. Penniless and desperate, Tabby has no other choice but to become a lowly housekeeper and nurse to an irritating and overbearing sailor. Even his family sees nothing but the roguish facade he uses to hide behind. Jumping between two generations, Honor and Redemption is a story about how our mistakes can shape our world and how the bond between mother and daughter, friends and sweethearts can break when we are afraid to open our hearts.