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It's our third annual Valentine's Day blog, where we feature alumni who were seeing hearts in Pantone when they met on campus! These 15 alumni stories will give you all the feels so grab the tissues and be inspired by these grateful gr. Thank you to the alumni who submitted stories and photos to us via and Facebook. It's safe to say we were the first Binghamton couple from the class of '


He was only "cute MPA boy" until we were paired up for a class project. Our first date was at a local pumpkin farm enjoying the beautiful fall foliage, amazing apples and cider donuts. We are getting married in May with our Binghamton family in our wedding party! I told her how I loved that we shared a passion for Binghamton and how in true Bearcat fashion, we had found our way back to Binghamton and made it our home.

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I graduated in Decemberand he graduated a year early, in May Our circles crossed, but we never met. We instantly became friends and grew a lot closer over the summer before our first semester in Binghamton. Since most of my friends were there, I had to see him all the time. He can still be somewhat of a jerk. We both made the team and got to know each other during practices and competitions.

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And then last month, on December 15,after approximately five years of dating, he proposed to me at Rockefeller Center, to which I obviously said yes. I was actually calling his room when we met, to tell him to come by to discuss the show the director had given me his name and and said he was interested in helping with props.

The best day during our time at Binghamton was walking in together for graduation in During one of the commencement speeches, we were challenged to sum up our Binghamton University experience in six words. We definitely enjoyed spending time with each other, but he had a girlfriend at the time and I had a boyfriend, so we were nothing more than friends. We were fast friends and worked each other out of some tough times. I heard a knock at the common room suite door in Smith Hall, which I answered without any expectations and without any pants don't worry, mom.

My apartment mates were friends with his apartment mates, and I even went into his apartment once with them. We have been married for over 16 years, and we have two great sons, ages 12 and 9. The rest is history.

Binghamton, our home

Five years later, he proposed to me at the very last Binghamton Senators game -- they had been some of our favorite dates when we lived on Washington St. We now live in Buffalo and are still huge hockey fans! This October will mark 10 wonderful years we've been together.

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Leah and I met first when she was a graduate student and I was entering my sophomore year at Binghamton. We wandered through a castle on our way to the beautiful gardens, but instead of being able to propose, Leah got hungry. We got excited because we incorrectly thought we had a class together, so we exchanged s -- and the rest is history! This picture is from this past fall when we visited the place where our love story began 9 years ago. He visited my apartment once, too. Our twin future Bearcats just turned four.

Friend-zoned him till Happily married since Parents since !

Husband, wife and a golden-doodle named watson.

I graduated inand Matt and I remained in a long-distance relationship spanning many hundreds of miles until we finally married in I'm so grateful for having met my wonderful husband at Binghamton University!!! Thanks, Binghamton! We were on the cashier's line, next to each other, at the Appalachian Dining Hall and started talking. I used to work in the Hinman and Reserve libraries for work study and my husband would go there to study. We dated all throughout college, graduated together ingot engaged inand got married inwith our huge Binghamton family there to celebrate with us.

I told Mario, "Met the love of my life," and off we left Binghamton as alumni. Now one of our children is at Binghamton: Gabby DeSantis, class of ! The photos range from Freshman Orientation, us in O'Connor hall sophomore year, the third photo is us at graduation and the last photo is us in the New O'Connor hall on the CoRE floor during our first visit to Binghamton after we got married! He was hired and we started working together in the fall of He was the President of his fraternity, Theta Tai and I was the President of Club Soccer so we organized a mixer for our two groups and the rest is kind of history.

He was a sophomore and on the move-in crew. I was the new freshman. We used to go to each other's buildings to wash laundry when our machines were occupied. So despite my nervous energy and eagerness to propose, we sat for lunch.

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Let's just say it wasn't love at first sight. InI finally moved down to Philadelphia. She now works in commercial litigation and I will soon start my Cardiology Fellowship in Manhattan. Although he was friendly, and still is, he was extroverted and talked to you as if he had known you.

Four years later inwe got married! During our freshman year, we spent more time together, especially since we were engineering majors at the Watson School and took many of the same core engineering classes. We started dating just before my very last semester. It took a bit of convincing on my end, but Leah agreed to go on a date with me. Still never met him. Fast forward 3 years to our trip to Ireland where I had teamed up with her friends to arrange what I had hoped would be the perfect proposal. We started dating in Spring and will be getting married in Summer -- a full 10 years later!

I could see his bedroom window from our living room window.

The first couple from '04

And our daughter Halle Rose is currently a senior at Binghamton! Binghamton has been a huge part of our story! I knew I needed to knock it out of the park, and if you know Leah you do that through food.

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I asked her to marry me, and she said yes As we planned the wedding, we couldn't help but include so many of our friends and colleagues that we met during our time at Binghamton. Nick graduated that May and we spent the next three years long-distance as he went off to complete his MPH at Drexel and I finished my degree at Binghamton, and then moved back home to save some money. He quickly became my best friend and we started dating spring semester of freshman year.

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After graduating inwe transitioned to a long-distance relationship while I moved to St. Kitts for veterinary school and he started grad school back home on Long Island. We followed each other throughout NYC after graduation, as I went off to medical school, and she to law school.

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We got married August of and welcomed our first girl Decemberfollowed by our second princess in September Our love story started in Bing. Here we are in the field in Hillside! He lived across the hall from me in Cascade. Thank you, Binghamton. We lived in Hillside during the same time; I lived in Evangola and he lived in Glimmerglass.

We wear our Binghamton gear wherever we go and are the proud parents of a 1-year-old Goldendoodle named Watson, named after the Thomas J Watson School of Engineering! We started dating officially the next semester and were married in Crazy, we've been together since we were 18 years old and still married after 34 years.

It's all about the timing.

After lunch, I convinced her to go for a walk with me through the garden. Inboth of us came back to coach at Binghamton our paths finally crossed. We finally met in November at a bar in the Lower East Side for a mutual friend's birthday party, who also graduated in We were married in and welcomed our son in She plopped down on the floor and told me her whole life story. Over time he grew on me and we are now happily engaged! I definitely think it was the donuts that sealed the deal for date 2.

We always say how glad we are that Binghamton brought us together! This photo is from Homecoming this October. We're sharing our favorite alumni love stories this Valentine's Day. A huge thank-you goes to all those who submitted their stories via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ! We were married in and now have three kids, all thanks to Binghamton!!

We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in February!

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Inwe got married and are enjoying our lives! We both love Binghamton so much, and I love that we have the special bond of both being Binghamton University gr. The exact opposite of me. There were 11 other Binghamton alumni or current students at our wedding, plus my favorite professor, who was kind enough to go to our wedding.

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Kevin Cordi and I also had Apocalyptic Lit together.

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