Polar Bottle Dino Might Insulated Water Bottle

Are you practicing physical activities regularly? If like so, then proper hydration is very important for any form of physical activities. Doing activities on the outside? Then, carry the bottle water along with you to boost up your body. Meanwhile, buying a BPA-free water bottle is another important, so we’re here to know one of the best water bottles for daily activities.

Features of Polar Bottle Dino Might Insulated Water Bottle:

The Polar Bottle is one of the leading providers of water bottles and they introduce different size and capacity of water bottles. All of their products are fully made in the United States of America and also made with BPA-free and Phthalate-free. A Polar Bottle Dino Might Insulated Water Bottle is one of the Polar Bottle with 12 oz size. The features of this product are described below in a detailed manner.


The Polar Bottle is an insulated water bottle and it also designed with combining the thermal properties.

BPA free technology:

The first and foremost thing that should consider while buying water bottle is BPA-free. So, the Polar Bottle designed the Dino Might Insulated water bottles as both BPA-free and Phthalate-Free.


The Polar Bottles provides lifetime guarantee for durability. So, it lives for a long time.


It is made with Dishwasher safety, so you can wash this bottle with dishwasher easily.

Freezer safety:

This freezer safety feature of Polar bottle allows you to keep it even in a freezer.


The size of Dino Might water bottle is 12oz. Therefore, it is easy to carry along with you anywhere.


The capacity of this water bottle is 12 ounce which is smaller amount but more enough for athletes.

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Product specification:

  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Material type: Plastic
  • Size: 12 ounce
  • Durable: Lifetime guarantee
  • Origin: USA
  • Safety: BPA free
  • Color: Blue Fade


  • checkIt is a handy design
  • checkIt is very easy to clean and fill
  • checkIt is dishwasher safe
  • checkIt’s a lightweight bottle
  • checkCompact size can easily slip into pocket
  • checkThis is BPA and Phthalate free bottle
  • checkIt’s a freezer safe bottle


  • No designs on the bottle

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Q: Is this bottle BPA free?

A: Yes, this bottle is made with BPA-free and as well as Phthalate free.

  1. Q: How do I clean the bottle?

A:  The Polar Bottles are Dishwasher safe, so you can clean with that machine.

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