Top 3 Best Aluminum Water Bottles Of 2018

How much water do you drink in a day? Do you think it is enough? Do you feel awake and alert during the day? For many, the answer to all of these is going to not be the greatest. Many of us are consistently not getting enough water to drink during the day. Most people work at an office job, working from the early hours of the morning to late afternoon, and many are at a desk all day long.

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Exercising is a way to wake the body up especially before or after an exhausting workday. There are plenty of online workout routines and affordable gym memberships all over the country, all it takes is the initiative to make a plan and decide to take the first step to actually go. If you commit to it, you will see changes you never thought possible.

Why do you need a water bottle?

While going to the gym is very important, what is even just as important is staying hydrated throughout the day. Those who don’t drink enough water at the gym are at risk for dehydration that can lead to fainting spells, dizziness, overheating, and exhaustion. This can be terrible and very dangerous, especially if you are in the middle of a rep, or the middle of a set. In order to give your muscles what they need and to keep your body cool while working out, it is integral to keep drinking water. One of the best ways to be reminded of this is to have an actual water bottle with you at all times while working out. If it is there, you are going to use it, and believe us when we say: you will!

Today we are going to be taking a look at some of the best aluminum water bottles on the market today. These are more of a high-end water bottle, that is going to last you a long time and keep you hydrated when you need it most. Whether you need a bottle near you while at work, or you are going to take it to the gym, there is going to be something for you on this list!

What to Look for In a Water Bottle?

One of the first things that many people are going to want right away is a fantastic look in a water bottle. This is obvious, as it is going to be the first thing people see. We recommend that you try to go with a brand that has a lot of options in color, or in style, so you can find one that is going to be the best for you. We find it is great too if it is not tailored towards a certain gender, that way you can use it among your family and get the best bang for your buck.

While you are at the gym, you are going to be sweating a lot, and therefore are going to need a lot of fluids. This means that you are going to need to buy a bottle that can have a lot of water in it at once. You are going to be drinking a lot of water, and you do not want to have to constantly go back to the fountain and refill it, especially when you are doing a workout at the gym. This is so important, as time is very valuable at the gym and it is going to be incredibly frustrating if you have to keep refilling it.

It is really important that you find a water bottle that has been made in a chemical free facility and is made out of high quality materials, free from any unwanted chemicals. Look for BPA free products, as this bottle is going to be in direct contact with your mouth. It is crucial that they are made well, so you will not get sick, and your water will not get contaminated.

When you are at the gym you want a bottle that is easy to hold and easy to drink of. This seems obvious, but you will be surprised how many bottles are difficult to grasp, especially if you are running on a treadmill or you are on a bike. Look for water bottles with an easy grip that can be grabbed even during a fast moment. On top of that, you want one with a spout that is easy to open and drink out of. Time is money, and you don’t want your workout being extended because you are having trouble opening the water bottle. Some of the best kinds of water bottles have a lid that can flip open by the push of a button, using one hand, these are ideal for gym scenarios.

Other than the gym, you are going to be using your aluminum water bottle to take on the go with you. This means you should really spend the time to find one that is easy to take with you on the road. This includes having a clip on it that can easily fit onto a bag or onto your belt. Maybe there could even be some that come with straps that you can carry it on your shoulder while on the road. Either way, you need a sports aluminum bottle that is going to be easy to carry and compact enough to take with you.

Speaking of compact, this is definitely another feature to look into. Since you are going to take this aluminum water bottle mobile, and hopefully to the gym, it is crucial that its size is small enough to fit easily in your gym bag. This is important as you want it to be easy to take places, rather than being a hindrance at all. If you’ve ever had a terrible brand of water bottle, you know that they can definitely begin to smell. If you leave any type of liquid in a bottle, for a long period of time, it can eventually lead to mould growing. Obviously, this is something that you want to keep very far away from the place you are drinking from. How do you solve this? By simply washing your aluminum bottle regularly. Ensure that you are buying a bottle that is easy to clean, and it is even more of a bonus if it is dishwasher friendly! This is going to make things a lot easier for you down the road.

At the end of the day, what makes buying an aluminum bottle so great is that you are going to eliminate a lot of your every day waste in the world. Plastic water bottles are absolutely terrible for the environment, and they are so harmful to the world around you. By even taking this small step, you are going to be reducing your carbon footprint and therefore helping our world become a better and healthier place.

Top 3 Best Aluminum Water Bottles

321 Strong 500 mL Aluminum Sports Water Bottle

The first water bottle up for review is the 321 Strong 500 mL Aluminum Sports Water Bottle. The main reason this is the first on our list today is because of the amazing price point it is at. You can purchase it easily from

To allow you to have some options, this bottle comes in either black, blue, or silver depending on your preference. They all are high end looks and the color covers the entire bottle (even the top cap will be that color as well)!

For additional safety, you can be assured that this bottle has been made free of any BPA, BPB, or phthalate materials. It has been made for any type of physical activity, so it is great for the gym, on a bike ride, camping, and anywhere in the outdoors.

In order to take this aluminum bottle on the road with you, this comes with a carabineer clip and also a split key ring that allows you to put it on basically any bag or travelling object. This makes it never be in your way, and also ensures that it is there when you need it.

The top lid screws on and off easily and has been enabled with a silicone ring. This ensures that it is leak proof, and will never ruin anything in your bag. This is a reusable bottle that is going to help the environment, and also help rid the world of plastic water bottles.


  • check​Affordable price
  • checkGreat look
  • checkFree of BPA, BPB
  • checkHas a great metal ring to take it places
  • checkLightweight


  • A bit too small

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Laken Futura Aluminum Water Bottle

The next product up for review is the Laken Futura Aluminum Water Bottle. Laken is one of the best manufacturers of high quality aluminum water bottles. They are well known throughout the entire world for being innovators in this line of work. These bottles are reasonably priced and can be bought.

First off, these come in a variety of different colors and styles (over 10 to choose from) so you can find what will work the best for you. The colors range from green, to blue, to black, to pink, and there are also ones with various graphics such as a wolf or other funny cartoons!

This has been built with a very narrow neck, but a wide body to hold additional water. To keep the water in there is a screw cap on top with a loop. It has been made free of any BPA or phthalates, to ensure no harmful substances are going to get into your water, or whatever liquid you are drinking.

What really makes this bottle unique is that they have strived to ensure that it won’t retain any flavours that you have used in the bottle before. So, this means even if you have been drinking citrus drinks, or carbonated drinks, the flavour is not going to stay in the bottle forever. This is going to ensure a much smoother drinking period down the road.

It is recommended that you hand wash this product, not to be used in the dishwasher, and you should also not use it for any hot drinks such as tea or coffee.


  • checkLightweight
  • checkSturdy
  • checkDurable
  • checkFantastic designs to choose from
  • checkKeeps drinks cold
  • checkDoes not retain flavors


  • Cap has wide gaps, has potential to spill at some points

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Sigg Traveller Water Bottle

The last product we will be taking a look at today is the Sigg Traveller Water Bottle. Sigg is another great designer and builder of water bottles, and they have made it their mission to offer your high quality bottles at affordable prices. This one stood out to us right away, especially because of its sleek look, and its affordable price. You can buy it from.

First off, you can choose from a variety of colors, depending on what one you like best. They range from red, to white, to black, to silver and to grey! This is a 0.3 L Water bottle and is part of the travelling collection that Sigg offers. There is a loop at the top to allow an easy way to carry and also attach it to bags on the go. It has been made free of any BPA or Phthalate substances, to ensure a safe drink!


  • checkGreat look
  • checkColors to choose from are great
  • checkReally durable
  • checkStrong design
  • checkStrong cap


  • A bit small

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Purchasing an aluminum water bottle is really going to change your life. You will always have something near you that you can drink from, ensuring that you can stay more alert and more awake during the day. It is crucial that you take the time to purchase a water bottle of quality.

All three of the products above are some of the best aluminum water bottles on the market today. The main pro with buying an aluminum bottle is that they are very durable, and are able to endure any dropping or banging they may face. We highly recommend them all!

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